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My four-year-old daughter has always skittered in and out of my bathroom as naksd pleases. I never really thought about when she should stop seeing me or my husband naked. But is it different depending on the gender of the parents and children?

As in, should boys see their moms and girls see their dads in the buff? Writer Rita Templeton was called a pervert, child molester and the worst mother ever by online commenters boy see mom naked she wrote a piece for Scary Mommy about how she lets her young sons see hoy nude body in all its glory.

I liked her philosophy about it: According boy see mom naked Avital Norman Nathman, a former teacher and the editor of The Good Mother Myththe key to the issue is comfort—and that goes for the parents and the child.

That age in which that happens varies, usually from around four to about nine or At that point, doors start closing and everyone is careful to knock before entering a room.

The A. Filed to: Share This Story.

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