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Waiting domnant a sailing partner I have a small sailboat and would like to take it out on occasion w someone experienced. Im dominwnt little girly but I like getting my hands single ladies in buffalo ny, just one of guys. Let's hang out and grab some dinner or hit up the dominant wives blog. Looking for a foreign lady m4w Looking for a foreign lady to orally pleasure on a regular basis,Spanish and middle eastern ladys ,most welcome,you will not be dominant wives blogcan accomodate mornings,afternoons and evenings,just around and lay dominant wives blog and enjoy been pleasured by a expert long tongue for as long as you like,you can also have a hot oil massage before and after if you desire Looking for anyone whos actually real lol m4w Tittle says it im 66 foot athletic build no beer gut or fat im 7 inches long and dd free send pic n i will send one back put dd free in subject I nadia ali escort desperately wanna lick your boobs.

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I told dominant wives blog that he could stop the game at any time but if he did, he would not get an orgasm for two more weeks.

Next he chose the riding crop and I dished out 25 moderate blows to his reddened ass dominant wives blog the meaty part of the back of his legs. Hubby twisted his body from the pain but bitch forced to suck dick I was done with the riding dominant wives blog he began to slip into subspace.

I took my soft fur glove and soothed his ass for a couple of minutes before continuing with iwves game. James was relaxed from my mini-massage with the soft glove but the game had to continue.

He chose the Spencer paddle. I decided to go hard and fast with the Spencer paddle. James next chose the wooden dominant wives blog. He dreads the cane, be it wooden or Delrin. I tormented him by taking the cane and swishing it through the air, letting him anticipate what was about to happen. I slowly drew back my hand and brought the cane across his ass.

James winced and stiffened his body. He endured 10 of these, fuck sex men they were moderate.

I was waiting for the domonant implement to go hard.

dominant wife Archives - Domina Jen

Still, he had a few welts from the dominant wives blog cane. I gave him a breather, allowing him about 5 minutes to recover. I took the soft glove and soothed his bottom some. Now would come the hard. Five final blows with the Delrin cane. I reminded hubby that he could stop the game but the cost would be no orgasm. He had come dominant wives blog far so I knew he would endure the final 5. I tapped the cane on his buttocks, drew it back and let it fly.

I drew the cane back and went hard. I repeated this three more times and hubby endured them all. His ass was all marked up with red marks, bruises and some nasty welts. Dominant wives blog fine line between domination and abuse was a little blurred if you saw his ass. But hey, it was only a game. Hubby had earned his orgasm but I was probably more aroused than he.

His cock had gone completely limp whereas my pussy was very wet. Therefore, dominant wives blog I untied any girls on here real p from the bed, I had James go down on me before he would be permitted his orgasm.

I made him stay there until he gave me multiple orgasms. James was twisting again, only this time not from being dominant wives blog but he was trying to hold back his own orgasm as his cock was rubbing against the mattress.

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I noticed this so I decided that is how I should end his denial. My words were all it took. James came all over the edge dominant wives blog the mattress. But he continued to lick me until I had one final orgasm. When he was done, his cock was still rock hard. He stood before me, breathing heavy with an erect penis. I was all relaxed from my orgasms and I figured he had earned another one.

Stroke woman tall sex and cum. I ordered him to shower, reinstall the chastity device and to come back and strip the bed dominant wives blog wash the sheets.

It will be another two months before hubby is allowed another orgasm. Friday, June 13, Hubby gets verbally humiliated in front of my girlfriend. Take last night for example. I was going out to dinner with a girlfriend. She knows very little about the details of my femdom marriage with James.

She just thinks I am dominant wives blog to be married to such a devoted husband.

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She also thinks I am a little too flirtatious with other men, seeing how I am happily married. We were supposed dominant wives blog go to dinner around 7: I was running late so I free guinea pigs to good home James assist me as I got ready. Dominant wives blog, I domibant him rub tanning lotion on my shoulders and.

Next, I had him assist me with my sundress. I had just bought this dress and was anxious to wear it. The big mistake I made was not turning on the air conditioning.

I had ceiling fans on and was comfortable when I showered but as I was struggling to get my dress adjusted properly, I began to get very warm. James turned on the AC but it dominant wives blog too late, once I get hot I do not easily cool. The problem I was having with the dress was the straps. They did not cover the straps of my bra as they kept sliding to the left. I needed James to pull my dress to the right but it was sticking to my body.

I was getting rominant frustrated and I began to dominant wives blog it out on James. To make matters worse, just as I was male sub punishments frustrated, my girlfriend arrived.

James showed her in and offered her a drink. She declined and waited in the living room as James rejoined dominant wives blog in the bedroom. I was being hlog bit of a bitch, I can admit it dominant wives blog, but I was hot and frustrated and the dress was sticking to my skin and those stupid straps were not right nh sluts my husband was not being as helpful as I would have liked.

It is times like this that I wish I had a real sissy maid, a man who is an expert at dressing and dominant wives blog a woman. James does his best but he is not a natural. So by now I date the rich running late and Dmoinant am not in the best of moods.

James suggested I change dresses but that just made me angrier. I wanted to wear my new dress and I was determined. I walk out into the living room and give my dominant wives blog a hug.

She comments on how nice I looked but I could tell by the way she live show tonight looking at me that she agreed diminant James when it came to the dress showing off too much cleavage. Then she told me that a band dominant wives blog liked was playing at a bar and perhaps we could stop in after dinner.

I was all for it and I asked my friend if she would drive dominaht I was in the mood to get drunk. He was worried someone he knew might be there and would wivws me in this provocative dress and knowing how I am after a few drinks, he could see me being very flirtatious. So all of this is happening in my mind at the same time. Then James goes and lights the fuse. So without using judgment or proper discretion, right in front of my girlfriend, I dominamt dominant wives blog verbally humiliate James.

So what?

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He was deeply embarrassed. Are you okay if I want domimant stay out all night? James looked down at the floor but then he looked at me and he consented to what I had just said. I could tell that he was now aroused. His embarrassment was giving way to dominant wives blog. He wanted more humiliation, I could feel it, but I knew I had already gone too far in front of my friend. For her part, my girlfriend must have felt sorry for James dominant wives blog she invited him to join us for dominant wives blog.

That opened the door for me to humiliate James one more time. I spoke up and answered for. He has chores dominxnt. James, I want you to clean up the kitchen and do the laundry in the blue hamper in my bedroom. Is hot housewives want casual sex Sevenoaks clear?

James had slipped into submission. He nodded and his colchester sex personals was no longer red. He was excited and he wanted to be dominated. He liked being dominant wives blog in front of my friend, it was obvious. It was kind of cute and pathetic at the same time.

We left and my friend was quiet at first as we drove to the restaurant. I could tell she did not approve of the way I talked to my husband. I pacific coast massage to do something so I apologized to her and then I told her that James likes dominant wives blog dominany bossed around, that it turns him on.

I apologized again for doing that in front of her and I explained that I had lost all discretion because I was frustrated about the dominant wives blog. She was cool with it and we ended up having a great bkog. She asked me a few questions about James and I could tell she was curious.

I told her a little, not too much, but enough to crack open the door. I would love to see her embrace more of her dominant. She needs the confidence and I am more than willing to teach. As for James, well dominant wives blog was waiting up for me and he was dominant wives blog good boy. Bpog had cleaned the kitchen and done not only the laundry in the blue polish dating sites uk but also in the other hamper.

He had washed, dried and folded my clothes. He greeted me at the door, bowed before me and apologized for upsetting me. Dominant wives blog sat down on dominant wives blog couch and I told him to worship my body, beginning by kissing my feet. I told blo about the men I danced with embellishing things a little and how I loved humiliating him in front of Amanda.

James was very domijant and he worked his way up my body, kissing me all. Finally I allowed him to remove my dress and we retired to the bedroom.

He performed total body worship and licked me to several orgasms. Of course he was denied. Dominant wives blog by Ms Kathleen at 6: Sunday, June dominant wives blog, Sissy-Maid for the day. On the lighter side of femdom, yesterday I decided to do something we do not do enough of, in my opinion. Lately I have had hubby doing lots of yard work and quotes for an ex boyfriend chores, taking advantage of the nicer weather.

He still kept up with his indoor dominant wives blog, like laundry, vacuuming and dusting. However, the house was in need of a thorough cleaning. The kitchen and bathroom floors needed mopped, tubs needed cleaned, counter-tops and sinks scrubbed. So yesterday I decided he was going to be my maid for swingers Personals in Swisshome entire day.

But we had a very exciting forced feminization session back in January, although it was more gender role reversal than plan feminization. You may or may not recall that I once had a phone client who was into sissification and he sent me one of his sissy dresses and wigs for me to dominant wives blog on James. It was a dominant wives blog pink dress with a blonde wig. Lonely single girl played with it a little but in recent years I rarely use this outfit, in fact I had it dry-cleaned and it was hanging in an upstairs closet.

I broke it out yesterday and called Gay coats into my bedroom. When he walked in, he saw the pink sissy dress and blonde wig lying on the bed.

Dominant wives blog ordered him to undress and I dressed him in white panties, white stockings, and garter belt and then I assisted him as he put on the pink dress. He will not admit it without a little coercion but he likes to be feminized more than he wants to let on.

After he dominant wives blog dressed, he sat in my vanity chair and I applied just a dominant wives blog amount of make-up to his face. Do I fuck up sometimes? But I expect my boys to tell me when it happens and help me get back nude hypnotized women track. I actually fucked up just recently, with Kazander. And I was unintentionally taking it out on Kazander, snapping at him for no real reason.

Finally, he said:.

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And things went back to normal after. And sex in weston deserves better than. All three of my boys deserve better than. Had he been the one snapping at me, I would have spanked him or done some other punishment.

Yes, I suppose so. I call the shots. No man or dominant wives blog I ever own. They might shake dominant wives blog off, grab some water, do something to dominant wives blog their mind off it, then go back to bed. After lying back down in bed, Kazander rolled over, onto his back, resting his head in the crook of my arm, his hand on my thigh, still half asleep.

So I tightened my arm around his neck, choking. And the way he squirmed and whimpered was so sweet. He writhed next to me on the bed, gripping my arm until I finally let him go, and he lied there, panting. I spent a few minutes choking him, pinching his nipples, dominant wives blog hurting. I grabbed a handful of his hair and shoved him down the bed, between my legs, where I held him there and grinded against his tongue, making him lick me to an orgasm.

Apparently I was a little rough with. I woke up this morning feeling sore and bruised. When I told him about he, he told me I cut his lip by grinding so hard against. But a couple of people have mentioned being confused at all the different people in my life, and the different people I write. My husband, my collared sub, and the father of my daughter. He has some switchy tendencies, and is currently a Dom to his girlfriend.

A lifestyle acquaintance once asked me what I call him; my Sir, my Daddy. My best dominant wives blog once said he intimidated the hell out of. He runs their finances and makes the big decisions. Even his parents defer to. I love bringing that strong, powerful man to his dominant wives blog. Our first year was a rough one, but he has that Capricorn loyalty and stubbornness to offset my rebelliousness and unpredictability, and we dominant wives blog it through the worst without losing each.

My daughter, a precocious, independent, smart-ass 4-year-old who really is too smart for her own good. She is about three minutes away from me duct-taping her mouth shut whenever I take her in public because she has the uncanny ability to say the worst thing with sex mad granny context at the worst possible moment. For example, her newest innisfail horny girls is Spider Man.

And I cannot convince her that there adult want casual sex OH Uniontown 44685 a difference between a boy that is a friend and a boyfriend. Personal things have kept him off dominant wives blog blog until recently, and personal obligations are keeping us separated for the time being, but that will change soon. My newest submissive, a fantastic mix of sweet and sarcastic, a driven Capricorn 10 years older than I am.

He never does anything half-assed, and his submission to me is no exception. One of my pets, a Taurus 26 years older than I am. I met him when I was a ProDomme living in Alabama. And he was one of the very, very few reasons I was slightly bummed to come back to Vegas.

We have a lot in common outside of kink, so our conversations range from sex to music to work, to really anything, and they last for hours. Another Domme friend, and one of the leaders of the Domme group we used to run in town. He taught me fireplay, and I do enjoy talking to him and hanging out with. We went to high school together and were both active in theater. A teenage switch under my protection.

He was the first boy Dominant wives blog set on fire. He has no dominant wives blog, and was always unintentionally condescending and rude. One of my old play partners, a sweet boy five years dominant wives blog than I am, with a fantastic sense of humor and a big heart. He really went above and beyond my expectations time and time again, and went out of his dominant wives blog to serve me.

So when he pulled away, I gave him his space. Another old play partner. An old play partner, the youngest, at 20 years old.

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An old play partner, brand new to the scene, adorable and nervous and shy. He was also dominant wives blog uncomfortable with the bi element. But he wivss proven himself to be a flake, and wanted a degree of micromanagement that I just am not interested in. A good friend, who shares my love of Tarot, astrology, and all that fun stuff. His ex boyfriend, Ford, asked blg to carry a child for the two of.

They had been together for 12 years, and Ford asked me to carry a child for the two of. My first serious boyfriend. I started dating him just after I graduated high school. I was 18, he was 44, dominant wives blog we dated for a year.

Why Some Wives Dominate and Their Husbands Submit | Shine Crossings Ministry

He pulled me out of the dark place I was in at that point and brought me back to life. My mentor, the man who introduced me to this life. He was in his forties, and became my first real love although we were never romantically or physically involved, because I was dominant wives blog. He began informally training me in the Old Guard protocol. We used his wife or my boyfriends as guinea pigs, and he taught me much over the course of the next three years. Then, he and his wife moved away, dominant wives blog while we were always fond of each other, we sort of drifted apart.

He passed away when I was That, and it kind of runs counterproductive to the whole polyamory thing. In fact, jealousy does more than turn me off. And just ewww. Even dominant wives blog.

My boys are awesome. Of course other people notice. Of course other people entertain fantasies dominant wives blog. And her feelings for him actually worked out to our advantage in a huge way. Chevy noticed. I have no dominant wives blog that at least one woman he interacts with on a regular basis fantasizes about.

Like how I fucked him with a big dildo and tied his hands above his head and clipped like a hundred I may be exaggerating slightly clothespins on his dick and balls last night. And again, it was expected. He also looks damn good sprawled across me while I finger him, or up on all fours while I spank him and fuck him, or curled up in my lap while I absently play with his collar and watch TV.

Of course she imagines using. One of the reasons I love this blog other than the fact that it feeds east pembroke NY wife swapping shameless narcissism, atl dating sites course is dominant wives blog it gives me the opportunity to connect with many different people, from all horn lake MS wife swapping the globe, from all different walks of life.

I enjoy those deep, probing conversations. And often, I get emails from people who need help, and have sometimes been able to provide advice. My feelings on this are mixed.

German Shepherd Reno Nv

There is a difference. You can be dominant wives blog, and Dominant. You can be dominant, and submissive. Dominant wives blog may overlap, but they are not the same thing. For those people, who have always sort of taken the lead, becoming a Dominant may be a somewhat smooth transition. But there is a mistake that But your wife is vanilla. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Finally, you decide to talk to her about it. And that is an emotional roller coaster, in and of. Sometimes, she has no interest in it, and likely never. Unsure, nervous, and hesitant, sure. Those are amazing traits, and I think all Dominants need them, but for a vanilla woman, making the switch to hurting you instead of atlanta maturewomans feet you can be tough.

For me, loving and caring about someone makes me want to dominant wives blog. Beating on a stranger does nothing for me. Humiliating a stranger does nothing for me. Loving you makes her averse to hurting you. And it senior women Page a massive whirlwind of conflicting emotions in. But it goes against everything she thought a loving partner was supposed to be.

Guilt can become a significant obstacle. Hurting someone she loves does not come naturally to most compassionate, caring women. Especially if she decides to do some of her own research. She may look at those videos with the screeching, angry Dommes brutally terrorizing their boy and think she dominant wives blog never do.

First of all, I know you were nervous as hell when you broached the subject with her, nervous as hell dominant wives blog you waited for her to think about dominant wives blog, come to terms with it, and decide to try it. And when she finally does agree to try it, you just go nuts. You want to be brutally beaten, degraded, dehumanized, humiliated, emasculated.

You want the fantasy. It really is.

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I totally get it. Dominant wives blog experienced Domme knows how to yank you back, slam you back where you belong, dominant wives blog give you a much-needed reality check. Moreover, she may not even realize she dominant wives blog. Instead, she tries to keep up with you, tries to give you what you ask. To please you. And your encouragement and urging begins to feel like pressure. Horny fuck as medley horny milf Ganganden feels pressured to be what you bllog her to be.

That pressure kills her lust, kills her desire, and kills any interest she boog have had in wkves FLR dynamic. So she backs off, she shuts. Maybe she just needs more dominant wives blog.

Maybe she just needs more coaxing and more urging. And in trying to help, you only make the whole thing worse, and push her even further away. She is the Domme, you are the sub. And the female-led relationship needs to be just that: A Female-Led Bblog. You may have fantasies about chastity and orgasm denial, where she may have little interest in that, and instead be el paso singles chat sadistic and want more domestic service.

You crave having access to your cock taken from you. You crave having that part of you manhood taken from you.

Communities Dominate Brands

Korean girl for sex just want it so bad. She has to be your Dominant, she has to control you, she has to own you, but she has to meet all of your sexual dominant wives blog and satisfy all of your sexual desires, often with little regard to glog.

Not sure what I mean? A perfect example of this is something that Kazander used to. I want to look at stupid, mind-numbing shit on my phone until I fall asleep. And who is the Dominant dominant wives blog the relationship?

Whose desires are important? Whose wants nude couples old on beaches Ananindeua needs are to be met first? Especially for an inexperienced Dominant, who may be used to her man being the aggressor, this may completely squash all budding Dominant dominant wives blog. He was serving himself, and by trying qives without asking, he was completely ignoring my needs and desires.

No, Femdom porn is not the enemy. Yes, you dominant wives blog actually learn from it. Look at how the men in those videos relate to their Dminant.

Think about an appropriate way to ask dominannt attention, domijant use what you see in the video as an example, dominant wives blog you need dominant wives blog. Think of a way that will feed her Dominant impulses and turn her on, rather than annoy and irritate her, or make her feel pressured to do what dominant wives blog want. Do not be aggressive, do not be assertive, be passive and compliant. Be prepared for her to say no to your request.

Or tupelo girls pussy fucking may end up wivss to dominant wives blog something different. You may have wanted to give her dominant wives blog, but maybe she wants to pull you over her lap and spank you, instead.

Or, she may indulge your desires. If she says no and rolls over and goes to sleep, for the love of fucking Goddo not get irritated. Do what she tells you, and then thank her for keeping you in check. Many men with vanilla wives unintentionally make this mistake. At least in a vanilla relationship, she feels like an equal. If you want her to grow into her Dominance, you need to step back and let her do it. But do it. Domiannt need to feed those urges, not narcissist men to control dominant wives blog.

Be eager, enthusiastic, and willing when she wants to assert her control over you. Use a more passive way to ask to please her, and accept whatever answer she gives you. Thank her for her attention. Thank her for denying dominant wives blog, even if her denial frustrates you. New flash, boys. You want her to throw you down at the end of the day and fuck you raw with a strap-on the size of your fist.

She must just have a low libido. Yeah, y ou gave them to. So do what she asks you. Do things without being asked. Ask her what she wants. Nlog her how you can serve. And sometimes, her answer will be something not fun at all, domibant something that will make her life easier. Whatever answer she gives you, thank her for it. Show your enthusiasm and your eagerness by your willingness to obey her and bend to dominang.

Hottie working at the salon your emotions in check. Making her feel pressured to be what you want her to dominant wives blog will destroy any effort either of you make.

Your job is to support her and make her happy, and help her feel relaxed around you. A relaxed Dominant is a happy Dominant. A happy Dominant is an attentive Dominant. It was only a few days ago. Holy shit. He makes the cutest noises. It was a nice, relaxing way to unwind after all that hard work.

Just lying on the couch, reading dominant wives blog book. Relaxing and enjoying. After a moment, he rested his head on dominant wives blog thigh and whined softly.

Finally, I lowered my book to look at. Not a lot.

I Am Ready Real Sex Dating Dominant wives blog

But. Only a few dominant wives blog minutes went by before he was legitimately struggling. This is what you asked.

Now hold dominqnt. For years, forced bi was a hard limit for Kazander. As I am occasionally wont to. Fast forward….